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Automobile Computer Science Electronics
auto cad advanced dbms c programming
autocad artificial intelligence civil
automotive electrical and electronics lab c programming data commn
automotive fuels and lubricants c programming lab digital image processing
automotive pollution &control cg genetic engineering
automotive transmission CO graphics
c programming compilers microwave engg
communication skills compliers optical communication
design of transmission elements computer architecture opticam communication and networking
electrical technology computer graphics principles of communication
engineering thermodynamics Computer Networks radar and television engg
enviornmental science and engineering computer organisation syllabus
fluid machanics and machinary lab csa unknown
Industrial Engineering DBMS wireless networks
manufacturing and technology lab FSA
manufacturing process graphics
Material Science high performance computing
maths ISM
mechanics of machines network computing
mechtronics object oriented programming
Metallurgy and Material Science OOMD
metrology PCH
offroad vechicles project management
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning pscp
syllabus security in computing
vehicle design & charcstcs signals and communication system
vehicle maintainance &recodition signals and system
vehicle maintanance software engineering
software engineering&project management
Switching Theory and Logic Design
Theory Of Computation
web technologies
web technology

Information Technology Mechanical Engg Electrical Engg
Advanced network technology auto cad c programming
advanced network trends autocad c programming lab
advanced networking trends automotive elec& elecrnics lab DC Machines and Transformers
artificial intelligence automotive fuels & lubrcnts lab ECT
cg automotive transmission elecrical
client server computing cad cam lab elecronics
client server omputing cad-cam Electric Circuit Theory
CO design of transmission elements Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments
computer graphics Dynamics of Machinery Electronic Circuits
csa electrical technology Linear System Analysis
e-commerce energy conversion and management maths
E-commerse fluid mech and mach lab mechanical engg
ecommerce Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion mechanics
ISM graphics physics
mat lab Industrial Engineering syllabus
maths machine tools unknown
mcs Management Information Systems
mobile computing manufacturing engineering tech
multimedia manufacturing process
multimedia lab manufacturing tech lab
nc Material Science
network computing maths
OOMD mechanics of machines
pch mechanics of materials
pscp mechanics of solid
security in computing mechtronics
software engineering Metallurgy and Material Science
syllabus metrology
Theory Of Computation microwave
TOC new generation&hybrid vehicle
web technology principles of management and engg economics
wt production technology
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Civil Engg MBA
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING airport economics
GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING airport planning and management
production technology Airport planning and mangement
Quantity Surveying and Valuation Aviation Industry Accounting
soil exploitaion bc
syllabus bussiness communication
bussiness communication & negotiation
economic and management decisions
financial & accounts for logisticians
management principles
management principles for logisticians
managerial economics
marketing management